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Distributors have begun accepting SAS disk drives with new speeds in the 420 and 430 Gb/s categories, where their previous speed bar was preceded by 340 Gb SAS.
The best-selling hard drive on the planet will soon hit 70 Gb, up from 50 Gb last year. As the main reasons for this trend, experts cite the entry into the market of solid-state drives (SSD), as well as their emergence on the basis of PowerPC processors. That is why, if you are now planning to upgrade your drives, it is better to postpone it until a series that can compete with SSDs appears.
The minimum data transfer rate that SSDs are capable of is approximately 450 MB / s, and the maximum reaches 1 TB and even more.
About SAS Founded in 1981, SAS is a world leader in storage systems and is focused on manufacturing SAS drives and system adapters for a wide range of enterprise-class systems.
Our specialists will contact you to help you choose the appropriate server configuration, as well as advise you on their installation, configuration and operation. f02ee7bd2b